Sajid Mahmood

Art Director

I design highly usable and beautiful user experiences. Great design is not just about aesthetics – nor is it just good usability — it’s about understanding the unique needs of both clients and end users to achieve the largest return on your investment possible. My goal is to help you create a strong online presence by leveraging my extensive background in marketing, user experience, and graphic design. I can help you create a strong brand, captivating marketing materials, and a cutting edge web site or web application design.

Having a Master of Business Administration and Information Technology (MBIT) with training in marketing, psychology, and consumer behaviour, helps give me a unique perspective into the minds of end users. One cannot ignore the paramount importance of choosing the right colors, typography, and properly balancing both aesthetics and usability. Any great designer must also consider the unique attributes of the target demographic.

I have seen first-hand how a well-executed design can positively impact consumers and their buying behaviours. Companies are more aware then ever of the importance of aesthetics and creating a user-friendly and user-centred experience; those who don’t adapt will be left behind by the competition. It’s no longer enough to have a great product; one must also create a strong visual presence that catches the eye of potential customers. Creating an awesome user experience completes this equation by maximizing conversion and customer retention rates.


Sajid Mahmood

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